The Off-Grid Homestead Bundle


What is it?

​100 + eBooks and courses that contain everything you need to go off-grid, start a homestead, and live free!

The Off-Grid Homestead Bundle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a unique collection of 100+ handpicked ebooks, courses, guides and programs, curated specifically to guide you to the lifestyle that you always dreamed possible. Never before have so many renowned teachers and experts come together to create a bundle covering such a multitude of skill sets and topics. And it’s now available for an unbelievable 99% discount!

Topics Covered


Off-Grid Living

Dreaming about a cabin far away from the city? The bundle has everything you need to know to help you go off the grid. Learn everything you need from collecting rain water to off-grid energy solutions. We have it all!



Dreaming about a homestead to feed you and your family? Learn everything you need to become more self-sufficient! Learn everything from farming, foraging and beekeeping, to sewing and woodworking skills!


Working Remotely

Want to leave your 9-5? Start working from home by doing something you love! Learn how to make a living from your homestead, how to make money with an AirBnB rental and how to create an income online!


Organic Gardening

Want to source your own food? Learn everything you need to know to grow vegetables all year around! Learn about seed starting, soil health, correct composting, and how to start a micro homestead in your apartment!


Canning & Preserving

Learn how to properly stock food and water for the future, and how to avoid spoilage by sterilized canning! Learn everything about water baths, pressure canning and sugar-free canning in easy step-by-step guides!


Chemical-Free Homes

Learn how to make your own chemical-free products using plants and natural ingredients! Discover the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle, and learn how to make your own shampoo, toothpaste, detergent and more!


Herbal Remedies

Reclaim your health and heal your body naturally! Discover the power of medicinal herbs, learn how forage for healing plants and how to make your own natural remedies and medicine for common ailments!


Prepping & Surviving

Get valuable information on how to best prepare yourself for the uncertain times ahead. This will help you develop situational awareness to deal with any crisis or emergency, and possibly save your own life!


From Farm to Table

Start cooking the most delicious meals with food directly from your farm! Get inspired by the many recipes for sourdough bread, soups, pies, sauerkraut, kombucha, desserts, jams, butter, sauces and much more!

all of this and MORE in this bundle! 

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