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The Homesteader Magazine

Our monthly eMagazine that features all of your favorite farmers and homesteaders -- sharing knowledge and telling stories on a variety of topics.

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Guide to Mealworm Farming eBook

Everything I wish I'd known about starting a mealworm farm: all in one place. Supplies, how to use them, how the farm works, how to schedule maintenance, etc.


The Best

Chicken Feed

Scratch & Peck has been our DAY ONE feed, and our chickens love it. "You are what your chickens eat" -- so we opt for organic. Use code: leafandlearn15 at checkout!


Mealworm Farm Supply List

Find everything you need to start and manage your own mealworm farm! Drawers, substrate, sifters, and more. Everything but the actual worms and beetles!


Herbal Face Food


It's so natural it's edible. I've never found a skincare product that actually works until HFF. It has dramatically reduced my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. 


Mealworm Farm Starter Kits

Our friend "Mealworm Max" runs an amazing small-time breeding business that we're proud to support. Grab your worms and beetles for 5% off with code 'leafandlearn'


Our Favorite Hatchery

MyPetChicken is a wonderful, family-owned hatchery that sells beautiful, healthy baby chicks! We've had nothing but great experiences with them!

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Wow. It's actually here.

It's been years in the making, and it's finally here. Learn how I went from zero skills/experience to the TOP of the Marketing field in just a few years. And I don't just mean the *story* of how I did it, I mean the ACTUAL "how." This simple yet dense eBook outlines the exact formula I used to teach myself every single skill I know. No expensive or time-consuming courses required. I can't WAIT to see what you do with this!

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