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Hello! We're the Morans.

We left the big city suburbs to live a simpler life in the forest with our kids - and we're documenting our adventures online!

Maybe you're interested in making a similar move, too. Maybe, like us, you're curious about becoming more self-sufficient, learning skills, and being closer to nature. 

We'd love to bring you along with us. Our hope is that by sharing our stories, mistakes, and discoveries, your path might be a little smoother. At the very least, we hope to inspire you. 

Thank you for being here!

Taylor,  Nick, + the boys



Homesteading eMagazine

Read the Winter 2022 edition of our new magazine! 100+ pages of stories, how-to's, tips, recipes, and more.



Ceramic Cookware

The most beautiful and longest lasting cookware we've ever used. We'll never buy anything else, and neither should you. 


Mealworm Breeding Kits

Our trusted source for mealworms and darkling beetles. Use code LEAFANDLEARN for 5% off

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Idlewild Curriculum

Our favorite homeschooling curriculum that teaches about nature and art! Can't recommend Idlewild enough!


Real Meat,


The next best thing to raising your own meat is buying from ButcherBox. Use code LEAFANDLEARN at checkout.


Organic Cotton 

Kid's Clothes

Toxin-free fibers for healthy kids and babies. We love these super soft cotton basics! Get 15% off with this link!


Chocolate Greens Powder

The best-tasting chocolate milk we've ever had - and it's full of superfoods! Get 10% off when you use this link!


Freelancer Training Course

Join Taylor for a 4-week "crash course" in freelancing. Learn how to design websites, write for blogs, find clients, and manage your time so that your days are filled with more family hours, and less working hours. 

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